So many of us get into the habit of working alone – be it running a businesses or a community group. Our limited time gets focused on achieving tasks and pushing forward as best we can with the resources and budget we have. Things could be better, but they’re not bad, so we just keep on going the way we are.

But what if there’s a better way?

What if by working in isolation we’re missing out on huge opportunities? What if we linked up with like minded people, and leveraged each other’s knowledge and experience, shared resources and costs, and ultimately made each other stronger? What if, rather than competing with each other we supported each other? Collaborating to help each other to thrive? Building local resilience.



With this in mind Linlithgow Community Development Trust in association with Linlithgow Business Association and Transition Linlithgow are pleased to present EH49 Hub, a collaborative community and business network.

Our mission is to connect local community and business people in order to bolster each and create social change. We want to blur the lines between business and community, focussing instead on encouraging people to work smarter, together, supporting each other to achieve.

Our objective is to create space for;

  • Developing community and business connections
  • Growing local resilience and sustainability
  • Sharing resources and knowledge
  • Supporting enterprise and innovation