Ethos & Objectives

EH49 Hub is a Community and Business network for Linlithgow. Our mission is to connect local community and business people in order to bolster each and create social change. We want to blur the lines between business and community, focussing instead on encouraging people to work smarter, together, and support each other to achieve. Our objective is to create space for;

  • Developing community and business connections
  • Growing local resilience and sustainability
  • Sharing resources and knowledge
  • Supporting enterprise and innovation


EH49 Hub members are

  • Members of community groups
  • Solopreneurs, homeworkers
  • Small business owners
  • Volunteers looking for groups to work with
  • Workers looking for businesses to work with
  • Entrepreneurs starting up new businesses
  • Those either running or setting up social enterprises
  • Those wanting to develop their skills in order to increase employability
  • All around the Linlithgow area

EH49 Hub members value

  • Sharing ideas and resources
  • Helping others and receiving help in return
  • Creating resilience and sustainability within the local community
  • Supporting new ideas and initiatives

How the EH49 Hub network works

  • Membership of EH49 Hub is currently free via our two Facebook groups
  • EH49 Hub is managed by a host who gets to know members and helps them form links between each other
  • To join, you will be asked why you’d like to join, what you think you can bring to the group and that you agree with our objectives and values
  • The host and other admins will setup discussions, offer opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing events and generally keep the group cooperative and collaborative
  • Events will be arranged from time to time for networking, training, innovation and collaboration