Network Rules

These rules apply to both our enterprise and our community group networks.

  1. Stick to our advertising policy;

The network is not a place for blatant advertising. However we do encourage sharing of knowledge and resources and offering help to others through your business or community group.

What’s acceptable?

  • Offering your help for a specific problem/question and linking to your business/community page
  • Sharing a post you’ve written on your blog with helpful information for others
  • Sharing a link to your business/community page on a ‘get to know each other’ post created by an administrator/host

What’s not acceptable?

  • Posts which purely advertises your business without sharing any useful information for others


  1. Be nice to people

There’s no room in the EH49 Hub network for being offensive and discriminatory, including comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs. There’s also no room for harassment, threatening or abusive comments of any type.


  1. Keep it clean

If you wouldn’t show your grandmother – don’t share it in the network. Don’t link to any spam or viruses – that’s just not nice (see point 2)


  1. No violations of intellectual property

We welcome sharing knowledge, but please make sure you have permission to share content that is not publically available. And If you didn’t create it, certainly don’t claim it’s yours.


To keep the network a positive experience for all we reserve the right to remove photos, comments or entire posts not in keeping with the above rules. We also reserve the right to remove members without warning should they breach any of the above group rules.