The Future

Now that weekly coworking and online networks are setup, the next step for the EH49 Hub is securing funding to open a full-scale social enterprise facility in central Linlithgow, close to the train station and parking. A social enterprise is a business in which profits are reinvested back into the local community.

The space will boast forty desks, at least three meeting rooms and one board room, café, child-care facility, copy/print services, breakout areas and much more. Several ‘hosts’ will look after the facility ensuring all users get the best out of what the space has to offer.

Once this is up and running and sustainable, we will leverage what we’ve created to; help ‘incubate’ new initiatives – both commercial and charitable; to provide access to services to community groups; and to outreach into the wider West Lothian area. Linlithgow is a hive of knowledge and goodwill, ripe to help struggling areas to thrive.

Please help to make this a reality!

Please consider donating even just a few pounds to our Crowdfunder; These initial funds will help us keep the initiative going, and move us quickly to a full-scale physical space in central Linlithgow. Coworking spaces can be bought at a discount by donating to the Crowdfunder.